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    LPQ65131QVF 正負輸出DC-DC轉換器 可替換TPS65131

    2024-6-5 14:36:44 korechip

    LPQ65131QVF  正負輸出DC-DC轉換器 可替換TPS65131


    The LPQ65131 device is a dual-output DC-DC converter supply that generates a positive output up to 15 V and a negative output down to –15 V. The converter maintains low output voltage ripple. Typically, the maximum output currents are in the 200- mA to 500-mA range, depending on input voltage to output voltage ratio and the current limit option. The combined (VPOS and VNEG) efficiency reaches 85% to keep systems cool or achieve a longer battery-on time. The input voltage range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V allows the devices to be powered from batteries or from fixed 3.3-V or 5-V rails.
    The converter operates with a fixed frequency PWMcontrol topology and, when operating in power save mode, uses a pulse-skipping mode at light load currents. It operates with only 500-µA device quiescent current. Independent enable pins allow flexible power-up and power-down sequencing for both outputs. The positive and negative outputs operate independently, allowing for non-symmetrical output voltages and currents.
    The converter has an internal current limit, over voltage protection, and a thermal shutdown for highest reliability under fault conditions. The converter is available in a 4-mm × 4-mm QFN-24 package. The solution size is small with a minimum switching frequency of 1.25 MHz for smaller inductors and few other external components required.


    ◆ LCD and AMOLED displays (approx. 4" to 17")
    ◆ Personal electronics (notebook, monitor,gaming)
    ◆ Building automation (elevator, thermostat)
    ◆ Healthcare, fitness, EPOS, industrial HMI, test & measurement


    ◆ Input voltage range: 2.7-V to 5.5-V
    ◆ AEC-Q100 Grade 2 Qualified
    ◆ VPOS positive boost converter output
    ◆ Adjustable output: up to 15 V
    ◆ Switch current limit 2 A
    ◆ Conversion efficiency: up to 89%
    ◆ VNEG negative inverting buck-boost converter output
    ◆ Adjustable output: down to –15 V
    ◆ Switch current limit 2 A
    ◆ Conversion efficiency: up to 81%
    ◆ Control output for external P-channel FET
    ◆ Supports complete disconnection from battery
    ◆ 1-µA shutdown current
    ◆ Individual enable inputs for flexible output sequencing
    ◆ Protection features
    ◆ Over voltage protection at VPOS and VNEG
    ◆ Input under voltage lockout
    ◆ VPOS and VNEG SCP
    ◆ Thermal shutdown protection
    ◆ 4-mm × 4-mm QFN-24 package


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