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    型號(PratNumber) SC3512SEER
    數量(QTY.) 30000
    廠(chǎng)家(Brand) SOUTHCHIP
    封裝(Package) SOP-8
    聯(lián)系人(contact) 顏先生/William
    電話(huà)(contact) 0755-82170220,21001680

    SC3512SEER     SOP-8


    SC3512 is a smart secondary-side synchronous rectifier. It integrates a 60V power MOSFET. SC3512 can replace Schottky diode so the system can achieve higher efficiency.

    The SR MOSFET is turned on when the VVD falls below turn-on threshold, and turned off when the VVD exceeds turn-off threshold. The SR conduction voltage drop is continuously monitored to minimize the conduction loss. The extremely fast turn-off comparator and driving circuitry ensures the safety of the system, even in current continuous mode (CCM) condition.

    This chip supports both high side rectification and low side rectification.


     No need of auxiliary winding for power supply

     Patented programmable turn on detection circuitry

     Extremely low quiescent current leads to low stand by power

     Supports DCM, CCM, and Quasi-Resonant mode converters

     Supports both high and low side synchronous rectification

     SOP8 package available


     Universal AC-DC Adaptors

     USB PD and QC Chargers

     Flyback Power Supplies with Variable Output Voltage

     AC-DC auxiliary supplies

    型號(PartNumber) 數量(QTY.) 廠(chǎng)家(Brand) 封裝(Package) 批號(DC.) 描述(Description) PDF
    SC3512SEER 30000 SOUTHCHIP SOP-8 SC3512SEER SOP-8 DescriptionSC3512 is a smart
    ETA3006S8A 30000 ETA ESOP-8 24+ ETA3006S8A ESOP-8 Inductive, switching control
    WRD3K810 30000 WORLD/沃爾德 D3K 24+ WRD3K810 D3K8A 1000V 插件橋堆WRD3K810特點(diǎn)玻璃鈍化芯片結反向
    FKBB3103 15000 FETEK/東沅 PRPAK3X3 FKBB3103 PRPAK3X3The FKBB3103 is the high cell
    FKBA3056 15000 FETEK/東沅 PRPAK5X6 24+ FKBA3056 PRPAK5X6Advanced Trench MOS Technolog
    FKBA3072 30000 FETEK/東沅 PRPAK5*6 24+ FKBA3072 PRPAK5*6FKBA3004、FKBA3006、FKBA3016、F